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Why pH control

The most important point to remember is that the pH affects how fast an ink

or vanish dries and stabilizes, especially when in press.


The pH of an ink or varnish has a direct relationship to the viscosity.

The higher the pH, the longer the ink will take to lower its viscosity and vice versa.


That's why the usual mistake is to add water to an ink or varnish

conventional, because the pH of the water is 7.0 which lowers the pH of the ink

below the minimum of 8.5 resulting in a more

fast viscosity.


PH of ink and varnish too low (less than 8.5)


• The viscosity of the ink increases

• Ink dries too fast on plates and aniloxs

• It's hard to rewrite the ink after a brief stop

• Decrease the printing definition

• The press is difficult to clean

• Rapid formation of micro-foam


PH of ink and varnish too high (over 11.0)


• Ink dries more slowly

• The ink has a low water resistance

• Ink does not have a good definition

• Printed bin has low wear resistance

• Colors and light shades may be too dark


Innovative Fluid Control Systems

Innovative Technologies for aqueous solutions

This system is independant and can by connected to any viscosity control system

Fast Performance

Fast and efficient, without  toxic emanations. Always 120L available for direct delivery to your decks.

Alarm Setting

The system contains 2X 20L of mixing solutions, to lower or to raise pH. The FMS connectors will send you an alarm when on or the other are close to be empty.

Top Security

Since the system is completely close, you don't to manipulate toxic solution, your people are secure and you avoid potential environnemental mistakes.


Intelligent inline pH Control System

How its Works

The AFB pH Fluid Generator is designed as the ultimate product that complements any water-based viscosity system by automating the composition of the fluid regulator and creating a truly seamless, closed-loop system for operators.


Designed with state-of-the-art fluid control and a highly accurate and reliable pH sensor, the AFB system is able to accurately and consistently maintain the desired pH value of any water-based solution.


Although AFB has been optimized with H2O / ammonia solutions, this highly versatile system can be used in any process that requires mixing two (2) liquids and strict pH controls. With a total production capacity of more than 120L every 5 minutes, this system can easily provide (2) two 8-color presses.



FMS Fluid Management Solutions is a French company, based in the suburbs of Lyon, that designs and manufactures automated systems dedicated to the control of liquids such as, ink, correction fluids, glues, adhesives, coatings and even together pharmaceutical fluids and food mixtures.


Our automated systems are designed for fluid processing for the medium and large volume printing industries, chemical manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry and others. Our systems regulate fluid mixtures with dosing and we control either pH, viscosity or oxidation reduction while avoiding toxic fumes.


Our solutions are scalable and state of the art. And this is only the beginning because currently no other company offers a similar system to ours.


In fact, we are unique in this market.


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